NJ Vaccine Information


NJ Vaccine Call Center is now available to provide live assistance.  There are over 200 people staffing the call center, with the ability to provide assistance in dozens of languages. The number is 855-568-0545 and is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.

This center will be able to assist those unable to access information online.  The staff will be able to register people in the NJVSS system, answer questions, make changes to people’s records who already registered with NJVSS.

Due to the scarcity of vaccines right now,  the call center staff will not be able to offer appointments at this time.  Like the rest of the structure, we are putting in place, we are building the system for additional capacity that we eagerly await.

For now, we encourage people who have questions, need to be registered for NJVSS by phone, or have corrections they want to make to their NJVSS registration to utilize the call line.  As we are sure you anticipate, there is already a large volume of calls coming in, so your patience is appreciated if you call in!  (and we welcome feedback on your experience if you do call!).


Stay safe and healthy

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