Dear Oasis Students,

We are so excited to welcome back students and offer classes both onsite and virtually.  We have missed you!  The staff of Oasis is committed to providing you with the best possible educational experience through these difficult times.

To ensure the well-being of students and staff at Oasis, we have taken every precaution recommended by the CDC to keep you safe. We are ready for your return.  Desks are distanced.  Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer have been placed in every classroom, and we will be disinfecting common areas daily. 

The following safety protocols must be followed:

  • Masks MUST be worn at all times (no scarves or bandannas)
  • Practicing good hygiene and washing hands often
  • Temperatures checks will be taken each time you enter the building
  • COVID screening forms must be signed each day
  • Immediately call your teacher or Evelyn Cuciti at 973-881-8307 ext. 120 to report your absence

As we begin this new year, it will feel and look different as we plan for a hybrid in person and remote learning platform through Google Classroom. It will require some patience and flexibility as we iron out the wrinkles to ensure every student has the access they need to their coursework.

Teacher contact information is being provided to you below. Please contact your teacher to discuss, room assignments, virtual learning login credentials and the next steps on getting started this upcoming school year.

Main Phone: 973-881-8307

Anthony 127 – Room #306
Audrey Grier – – ext. 114 – Room #202
Emily Goldberg – – ext. 144 – Room #302
Javier Nieves – – ext. 128 – Room #304
Lena Lamontagne – – ext. 129 – Room #204
Meredith Mulinos – – ext. 113 – Room #305
Merry Kennedy – – ext. 113 – Room #305

Please click on the link below to see a special video message from Jennifer Brady, Executive Director of Oasis.

We are here to assist any way we can and to do everything possible to make this a great school year!

Thank you,

Evelyn Cuciti
Student Services Manager
973-881-8307 ext. 120