Science: Our level 2 science course focuses on topics including life science (biology), earth/ space science, and the fundamentals of physical sciences (chemistry & physics). By the end of the course, students will learn basic human anatomy, environmental human impacts on the earth, and how chemicals play a role in our everyday lives.

This course also includes an introduction into graphs, tables and charts and mathematical probability and statistics.

Social Studies: Our level 2 social studies course focuses on world history topics including early civilizations, religions, and various world powers. World Wars I & II and the post-war consequences are also heavily discussed. American history is introduced with a focus on the colonization of North America, the 13 colonies, the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Reconstruction Period following. Students will learn about the different decades of American history through the 1900’s, including American involvement in wars, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.

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